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How to convert month number to text like 05=May, 04=Jun, 01=Jan
month show only 2 i want to it show "Feb"
actual I want to convert it dd/MMM/YYYY format

What I have tried:

Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
        Dim iDate As String = txtdt.Text
        Dim oDate As DateTime = DateTime.Parse(iDate)
        MsgBox(oDate.Day & " " & oDate.Month & "  " & oDate.Year)
    End Sub
Updated 20-Feb-21 3:09am
[no name] 20-Feb-21 9:06am
Ralf Meier 20-Feb-21 9:09am
You should post it as Solution ...
[no name] 20-Feb-21 9:19am
Thanks, but I'm on thin ice when there are questions related to vb, that's why just as a comment on my part.
Ralf Meier 20-Feb-21 10:48am
I would have posted only that what you wrote in your comment. In fact the answer is the reference to the "toString"-,method and it's using ...

1 solution

Example from DateAndTime.MonthName(Int32, Boolean) Method (Microsoft.VisualBasic) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Dim thisMonth As Integer
Dim name As String
thisMonth = 4
' Set Abbreviate to True to return an abbreviated name.
name = MonthName(thisMonth, True)
' name now contains "Apr".

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