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I work on SQL server 2012 I need to search on table partswithcompany that

have 40 million rows .

when make select SearchParts, CompanyId from partswithcompany where
CompanyId=1234 and SearchParts='A5ghf7598fdmlcpghjk'

it is very slow to retrieve data

but it take too much long time when make

select data from table
or when using where condition is also very slow

so i think more then i get idea to use hash byte column so

How to do that please ?

if you have any good idea to enhance performance i can accept it

create table #partswithcompany
 SearchParts  nvarchar(200),
 CompanyId  int
 insert into #partswithcompany (SearchParts,CompanyId)

What I have tried:

alter table #partswithcompany add NotMappedCode int null

update s set s.NotMappedCode=   abs(CONVERT(int, HASHBYTES('SHA2_512', searchpart + cast(DistributorId as varchar(10)))))  from #partswithcompany s
Updated 20-Feb-21 16:02pm

When search on long text on table have 40 milion rows it is very slow so what I do ?

When will you learn 'Database Design' properly ? As you have been told many times.

Database design is much more than table creation.

In a technical book, when you search something, you can read the whole book, or go to the index at the end and select pages matching a keyword.
Same techniques exist with databases and choosing how to combine them with the flat database is 'database design', and the design also depend on the usage of the database.

So I can tell you to use indexes, but if you don't understand how to use them, chances are that you will get a mess.
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I've used it and it works (real-time customer service address look ups and real-time stock headline analysis). You just have to put the effort in to learn it.

Full-Text Search - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^]
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