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How can I get a list of all the built-in data types in VB.Net/VS? I want to use this to populate a drop-down combobox list.

What I have tried:

Searched on line for this. Was not able to find anything.
Updated 21-Feb-21 8:47am

There isn't "a list of all datatypes" in .NET because it depends entirely on what assemblies your project references - and that will depend on what you are doing, and what environment your app is to urn under.
For example, a WinForms app will include Control, and many classes derived from it: Form, TextBox, ComboBox, and so on.
But a web based app will include none of those, but will include web controls, and so on.
A WPF app would have another set of controls.

Generally, all apps will include these: Data Type Summary - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^] but after that, it's implementation dependant.
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Could not find a programmatical way, but here is a listing:
Data Type Summary - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^]
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