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Alice and Bob have 2 kinds of chocolates. There are A chocolates of the first type and B of the second type. The play a game according to following rules: they will pick some cholocates of type 1 and 2 turn by turn. In each turn one of the following valid moves can be done:
• Pick some chocolates of type 1
• Pick some chocolates of type 2
• Pick equal number of chocolates of type 1 and 2

They have to pick atleast one chocolate in each turn. Whoever makes the last move wins. Both Alice and Bob are very smart and choose optimally. However while telling
the rules of the competition, Alice cheated a bit to ensure that she wins the game by deciding wo will take the first move. Did Alice decide to go first?

If Alice go first then print "YES" otherwise "NO".

What I have tried:

I have tried to develop a optimal substructure but not quite sure that it is leads to correct solution. Can someone please help? For example, consider 1, 2 then in each of them Alice can't win if she starts first hence "NO".
Updated 4 days ago
Richard MacCutchan 4 days ago
"If Alice go first then print "YES" otherwise "NO".
Not really much to do then.

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