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Is there any way we can identify a product whether its a counterfeit or original? Is there any type of technology which can be used to identify counterfeit goods?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

What I have tried:

I have tried Image API to detect any abnormality across the original and fake product. are there some sort of other means through which it can be tackled?
Updated 24-Feb-21 1:16am
Richard MacCutchan 24-Feb-21 5:51am    
Without complete details of each product it is impossible. If I set up an online store to sell fake goods, I would probably show pictures of the real items rather than the fake ones. So no technology could prove that my stuff was fake.

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Loads of reasons why, but one of the "Biggies" is the ease with which it is possible to set up a site. I've seen Chinese sites that have thousands of products, at great prices, but who never ship goods, just take the money and wait for suckers. When they're found out, they shut the site, and pop up again under a new name, a new format.
And reviews and easy to fake, followers can be purchased, etc.. Some even "sell" via Amazon and eBay.
The goods are real, the products are real, the company is fraudulent.

And even if the company is genuine, what is a fake product? About the only way to tell is to ask yourself "is the price too good to be true?" And the only way to tell that is to build up a database of real prices against real objects, then compare them. And really, that doesn't tell you anything: If it's a really good price, it's probably fake. Or a bargain! Or an end of line sale, or a "we need cashflow to get to the end of the month" stock reduction, or ...

And then there are counterfeits, made to look genuine(ish) and sold at full price. Only a very close examination of the object by experts who know teh intimate details can tell.

If you can't tell as a human, its' very, very unlikely you would tell as an expert system.
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