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Hey all noob programmer here. I thought Instead of watching tutorials just to jump In and build stuff and learn on the go and trial and error rather than just being stuck In tutorial limbo.

First Is obvious a basic hello world Program easy done. I've copied this and typed It solo Into my IDE. Please note I would like to practice with Visual Studio and Code-blocks.

I've typed this Into Code blocks and freehand I don't know why It hasn't worked?

What I have tried:

Allsorts freehand and copying and pasting.
Updated 28-Feb-21 21:03pm

1 solution

Because the C language is case sensitive: "I" is not the same as "i"
Change this line:
Int main(){
To this:
int main(){

And in future, don't take photos of your screen and post links to them: copy'n'paste the actual text and post that here, enclosed in cpde blocks by using the code widget above the text box:
<pre lang="C++">#include <stdio.h>

Int main(){
   printf("Hello, World!an");
   return 0;
Then displays as:
#include <stdio.h>

Int main(){
   printf("Hello, World!an");
   return 0;
And we can not only read exactly what you have typed, but we can also copy'n'paste it if we need to compile or test it for you ...
A screenshot doesn't let us do that.
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CPallini 1-Mar-21 2:11am    

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