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I'm in search of all free packages that provide data visualization (basically - charts).

I'm aware of two packages:
- Microsoft Visualization Toolkit - easy and simple
- OxyPlot - not really that easy but advanced (but breaks MVVM pattern)

Is there something more? .NET version does not matter, basically if specific version (Core or Framework) contains more of these NuGets, I will just pick that version.

What I have tried:

I have tried googling for that query and it did not expand my knowledge about that case.
Updated 4-Mar-21 8:03am
Kenneth Haugland 4-Mar-21 13:03pm     CRLF
OxyPlot dosnt really break MVVM pattern? IT quite easy to create your own usercontrol, but it depends on what you want...
Member 15047625 4-Mar-21 15:01pm     CRLF
I have to admit I did not use OxyPlot yet, but in one tutorial it was stated that OxyPlot does not support MVVM pattern. Only used Microsoft Toolkit so far.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Mar-21 1:46am    
That's like saying it doesn't come in blue; create an "MVVM" wrapper if it's such a big deal.

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Member 15047625 5-Mar-21 9:59am    
Nice one, I can see some interesting toolkits. Do you perchance know 3D visualization addons? I'm almost sure everything I have seen is paid.

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