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Hi Tony,
Thanks for your answer. But unfortunately (1) Didn't work!
Instead of showing values I get the message, alongside every indexed variable,
"Count= Implicit function evaluation is turned off by the user"

Also, lost my post on your site - which is why I'm repeating it!
Regards Pete
PS Don't understand this business about Tags.....

What I have tried:

Tried Closing/Re-Opening VS,Closing/Re-opening Windows - No joy.
Updated 8-Mar-21 19:36pm
Richard MacCutchan 9-Mar-21 3:33am
I have checked your other questions and cannot see any comments by someone named Tony. Are you sure it was here on CodeProject?

This is almost certainly the wrong place for this: I have no idea who "Tony" is, and with 15,000,000 members to choose from it's unlikely that he'll just "drop by" and realize it's for him.

Go back to where you last had contact with Tony, and look for a "Reply" or "Comment" feature associated with his message. Talk to him there, and he should get an email to let him know, just as you did when I wrote this.
In the Start Menu one of the choices was "Install" It was actually a Repair?Re-Install.
I chose repair - it Re-Installed !
All's well now...
Thanks to all
Pete Hepple
Richard Deeming 10-Mar-21 11:06am
Nope - we still have no idea what you're talking about, or who you're talking to. This is still the wrong place to post.

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