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So, I've tried really hard finding an answer to this, but I can't.

Can someone please explain to me how to make a CORS proxy for an API? I am using, and I want to use their format but for my own website, maybe or whatever. So how can I copy each page on onto

Basically, I want to make a CORS proxy so that will be the same as But not just for that one page, for all of the pages on the Scratch API (

What I have tried:

I've tried CORS-Anywhere and things like that, but they can take a while to update and the data updates a lot.
Richard Deeming 12-Mar-21 4:46am
Nobody here is going to help you steal somebody else's site.
NotTodayYo 12-Mar-21 7:43am
Speak for yourself. ;)
Tilier 12-Mar-21 7:44am
I don't think you know what a CORS proxy is . . . that's not my intention.
Richard Deeming 12-Mar-21 7:45am
"So how can I copy each page on onto"

How else are we supposed to interpret that requirement? You want every page from someone else's site to be shown as part of your site.
Tilier 12-Mar-21 7:50am
Do you know what a CORS proxy is?
Richard Deeming 12-Mar-21 7:52am
I know what a CORS proxy is.

I also know what it's called when you try to copy someone else's site and display it as your own.

Your question isn't about calling a third-party API from your own pages. It's about displaying the content of a third-party site within your own.
Tilier 12-Mar-21 7:54am
I'm really sorry, that is not what I meant. I'm just asking how to bypass CORS. I would only use the data for a website I coded.

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