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Hi I have done my first simple calculator app (.exe) using visual studios 2019 community edition, i have used CLR Empty Project.NetFramework, and windows form, the app runs well in my laptop but when i send the app to other laptops and run it shows error UCRTBASE.dll is missing try to reinstall the program. is there any possible solution to this issue as i want my app to be distributable to others .

Thank you

What I have tried:

I have no clue Kindly please assist
Updated 17-Mar-21 0:10am
Richard MacCutchan 17-Mar-21 5:51am
You cannot just copy the app to any PC and expect it to run, as it needs framework compionents to be installed. You must create an installer project to include all its dependencies.

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An EXE file is no longer a "stand-alone" entity - it uses a lot of DLL files to provide "background stuff" so that a simple application can have a small file size. In the old days, an EXE file was created by linking together all the compiled code you wrote with all the libraries it used to form a self-contained file you could just copy to another computer. But as those libraries got more complex, they also got bigger and bigger, to the point where a modern .NET application could weight in at 400MB or more just to say "Hello world!" That's silly, and very wasteful because 99% of the code in the file was the same as your next app which said "Hello again world!" - so DLL files (and latter Assemblies) were developed so that common code could be installed a single time on a computer and all the apps that needed it could reference that instead of needing it to be part of the EXE - now, one installation needs to install 400MB, but all the others "know it's there" and just add the 4K EXE file!

But ... it the DLL and assemblies needed aren't there, the little EXE file can't run - so you can't just copy a file to a different computer and assume it will work - you have to install it "properly" before it can work - and that adds the support files like UCRTBASE.DLL for you if they aren't there already.

Have a look here: Walkthrough: Deploying Your Program (C++) | Microsoft Docs[^] - it'll guide you through the process!

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