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I have created an array that has 50 places.
When the places are full, I want it to constantly expand with 1 place in the array, but it does not work...

I need to use array and can not use List..

And I can not use array.resize...

Please help

What I have tried:

I have a code that look like this (see bellow) but it do not work..

public static int[] ExtendArray (int[] vector, int new)
int[] newArray = new int [vector.Lenght + 1];
for (int i = 0; i < vector.Lenght; i++
newArray[i] = vector[i];
newArray[vector.Lenght] = new;
return newArray.
Updated 17-Mar-21 5:17am
Daniel Pfeffer 17-Mar-21 11:08am    
Try spelling Length correctly (not Lenght)
Richard Deeming 17-Mar-21 11:44am    
"Doesn't work" is useless as a problem description. If you can't describe the problem clearly, then you've still got a lot to learn.

Aside from the misspelling of Length, the fact that you can't call a variable / parameter new in C#, and the missing closing bracket and parentheses, what is the actual problem with your code?

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Richard Deeming 17-Mar-21 11:36am    
Array.Resize[^] would probably be a simpler option. :)
Richard MacCutchan 17-Mar-21 11:40am    
I am not even sure that Array.Copy is allowed given his comments.
The best solution is to not use an array - use a List<int> instead. Internally, it uses an array for storage, but externally it appears as expandable.

This may help as to why your solution is a very bad idea from a performance point of view: List<T> - Is it really as efficient as you probably think?[^]
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Member 15104493 17-Mar-21 11:27am    
I can not use List because then I do not get any grades...:(
OriginalGriff 17-Mar-21 12:01pm    
So you need to fix it.
It's pretty obvious what the problem is with your code - even without you telling us the error message, which I can predict with pretty good certainty!

But it is really easy to see and fix if you think about it for a minute, and perhaps use the debugger to watch what is happening while your code is running.
Hint: look at the line that the error appears on.

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