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so I dont know since I am a beginner ..
I want to know if i should create a table for the qr code or not .. and also if I should create a table for the camera that will scan the qr code before connecting the sql server to visual studio ..

as well I want to know if i connect sql server to visual studio will it be possible to add more tables to sql server or i will not have anymore access to the database??

I Know those questions are annoying but sorry I am a beginner hope u'll help :D

What I have tried:

want to know to try ..?
i still did not try anthing yet since i dont really know so therefore I am asking this question .. to have information that will help me try .. so please answer me if it can be possible . . .
if not am still thankfull ..
Updated 17-Mar-21 23:33pm
Maciej Los 18-Mar-21 5:14am
Sorry, but your question is NOT clear. We can't read in your mind or direct from your screen, so please be more specific and exaplain in details what you want to achieve and where you did stuck.

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To be honest, we can't tell you if you need to "create a table for a QR Code", partly because we have no idea what you mean by that - remember that we can't see your screen, access your HDD, or read your mind - we only get exactly what you type to work with.

But mostly because we have no idea what you expect to do with the table, or teh dtaa it will contain.

If you connect VS to your DB, that doesn't stop it being an SQL Database - if you had access to it before via SQL Server (using SSMS, or your code) then that will not change. All you are doing is adding it to data sources VS knows about so it's "easier" to attach your data to some controls. Generally, I use SSMS for DB design and alteration, and don't connect my DB's to VS at all. But I'm odd like that.

What you need to do is work out what data you needs to store, and how it interelates - then think about designing a database and it's tables to hold it. And we can;t tell you what that will look like because we have no idea what data you will be dealing with, or what you will be doing with it!
Maciej Los 18-Mar-21 7:19am
[no name] 24-Mar-21 6:41am
@originalgriff i am planning to do a student attendance using Qr code, using Sql server management studio and visual studio, and I am confused while doing the tables in the database, I want to create the database tables so you know, student table, instructor table .. etc..
So I was asking if I should create a table for the Qr code like the student and instructor and other tables then connect it with relationship with other tables or should I just code it in visual studio.
OriginalGriff 24-Mar-21 7:27am
That really depends on what you want to do with it - and I have no idea other than "student attendance" which covers a huge variety of possible tasks.

Think about your project and how you would do it manually using pieces of paper, and then look at what you need to do with those pieces of paper and what they need to contain.

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