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i have a datagridview and i want to transfer a decimal value from one column cell to another. the second cell is also decimal type.
when i try to run i receive a message saying that "is not a valid value for decimal" or "commit error". Please help me.

What I have tried:

here is my code.

        Dim p As Integer = 0
        Do While p <= DataGridView1.RowCount - 1
            For q As Integer = 3 To 2 Step -1
                If DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(1).Value <> "rep" Then

                    If DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q).Value IsNot Nothing Then

                        Dim column_type = (DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q)).ValueType
                       Dim column_type2 = (DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q + 2)).ValueType

                        If column_type Is GetType(String) Then

                            MsgBox(column_type.ToString & "mmmm")
                            MsgBox(column_type2.ToString & "nnn")
                            MsgBox(DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q + 2).Value & "hhh")
                        End If

        DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q + 2).Value = DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q).Value
                        DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q).Value = ""
                    End If
                End If

            p = p + 1
Updated 18-Mar-21 22:08pm

1 solution

If both cells (columns) are the same type, then "transfer" can be made as simple as follow:

DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q+2)) = DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q))
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Ralf Meier 19-Mar-21 9:04am     CRLF
There is no real difference to the code from the OP. It must work with .Value as well ... I suppose that one (or more) of the source-Cells doesn't exist ...
Maciej Los 19-Mar-21 16:46pm     CRLF
It may be much more... Datagridview can be bound with datasource, which is read only..., etc.
Member 14904307 21-Mar-21 14:05pm    
yes, dear Maciej Los , the datagridview is bound to datasource and datagridview is read only. As you see the code i posted is similar as your's, but i don't understand the source of problem
Member 14904307 21-Mar-21 15:46pm    
Dear Maciej Los , i finally change DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q).Value = "" by DataGridView1.Rows(p).Cells(q).Value = 0 and it works. Apparently it was a problem of data type. Thanks.
Maciej Los 21-Mar-21 16:13pm    
You're very welcome.

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