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Please help me,
i'm using,
I have label1-label9 and button1 - button9

if I click the button1 ,then I want to shuffle the label.text randomly expect label1

if I click button 1 and button 5 then shuffle the label.text expect label1 & label 5

What I have tried:

Dim list = New List(Of String) From {lable1, label2,label3,label4,label5..."}
Dim rnd As New Random()
Dim shuffled = list.OrderBy(Function (x) rnd.Next()).ToList()
Updated 23-Mar-21 21:28pm
Maciej Los 23-Mar-21 15:48pm    

1 solution

If you would like to "remove" items from list which will not be used in shuffle, use Enumerable.Except Method (System.Linq) | Microsoft Docs[^]

Assuming that Button1 refers to Label1, Button2 refers to Label2 and so on... all buttons should refer to the same event - like this:
Private Sub Button_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
    Dim sName As String = DirectCast(sender, Button).Name 'Or Text
    sName = sName.Replace("Button", "Label")
    shuffled = list.Except(ignorelist).OrderBy(Function(x) rnd.Next()).ToList()
    'further instructions
End Sub

I'd suggest to declare list and ignorelist at the top of form's module.

Note: what happens when ignorelist will contain the same items as list?
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Member 15115429 24-Mar-21 3:41am    
I must use Button and labe1, here button text will be 1,2..9 and label text will be category name..
i can click any button & corresponding label name should be same, other label name should shuffle

for example
1st time when i click button 5 & second time ciick button 2
labels name will shuffel except label 5 and label 2
Maciej Los 24-Mar-21 3:53am    
I did understand it earlier. The code provided by my is doing exactly what you said.
Member 15115429 24-Mar-21 4:17am    
thanks for your reply.
can u send me the code..
Member 15115429 24-Mar-21 6:01am    
Hi Maciej

Thanks for ur response..
iam basically designer..& also know programming
it will be great if you send me the project

its very urgent for me

Thanks lot

Member 15115429 24-Mar-21 23:57pm    
Hi Maciej..
Please help me in this
how to declare list and ignorelist is string?

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