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I want to create a data for a monthly report. So let's say there are 10 clients for the month of january, it will be the same for the next month and so on, still 10 clients unless I add or delete a client. By adding or deleting, it will only effect the data for that month. How do I make that possible?

What I have tried:

I have not tried anything yet, still confused on what to do. I have only made a regular table so far
Updated 24-Mar-21 2:06am

The solution for how to make this possible lies in computer programming !

You, however, need t learn how to do that as, apparently, you haven't any idea where to even start the above (having tried nothing).

The Code Project is not a homework service or Wishing Well for requesting applications and someone will jump up and make one for you.

If you wish help, come back AFTER you have put some actual effort into this problem.
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:24am
I had put in my effort. All my data, pie charts and tables are all already done. I had put in the hours for the code. Now I am just not sure on how to make this data work.

What I am trying to actually do is have a slider, pie chart and table work together. the slider will show the months, the pie chart will show the client's delivery status and upon clicking received/not a table will be toggled showing that month's data as in their name, order, quantity and who has received if clicked piechart received part or not received. so every month the data will be the same, only status of who has and has not received are diff.
W Balboos, GHB 24-Mar-21 9:29am
As you said, yourself "I have not tried anything yet, still confused on what to do. I have only made a regular table so far". You telling what you would like is not the same as you having actually put in anything like real effort. Your description "my effort" - does that mean your part and the remainder is for someone else to do? At best, you entered data - and created a wish list.

Do you even know how to code? If so - what have you done? If nothing, as I've said, come back after you have so we know it's worth some of our time because you think it's worth your time.

Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:26am
I am completely lost on what I should be searching for, does the code lie in my php or mysql?
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:34am
I am not even asking someone else to do it, maybe show me what I should be looking for? bro, I am really sorry if I had hit a nerve or something and made you mad. I just want to know what I should be looking for, like something similar. I know only basic code yes but at least I am learning, I'm asking for guidance not dumping my work and hope someone will pick it up and do it for me. With all that said I still hope you can look deeply into your heart to help and just tell me what type of code I am looking for or a function or something. I will read it up and try the code MYSELF. I just need to know what.

I have tried searching 12 months replicate data php mysql and all other word jumbo to see whatever comes up, all that i have searched did not apply to what i need
W Balboos, GHB 24-Mar-21 10:10am
Really? Twelve months? And, so far as your posting goes you have nothing to show for it?

If you want to be a programmer then you're not showing anything like realistic effort or (not intending to be mean to you) absolutely zero aptitude.

From an earlier question you posted you state " I have tried every tutorial but still have problems." - and it leads me to likely two conclusion:
1 - You're really in way over your head in attempting to write a program, even a web program
2 - You're trying to milk the work out of others, piece by piece, so you don't have to do anything yourself.

I'm done.
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 11:03am
How do you expect me to learn with no guidance? I didnt mean like i have been searching for 12 months, i meant I was searching that title because I wasn't sure. For someone trying to learn code on their own, a way to learn is by tutorials. I have more than just a simple tables. since posting that hours ago I have managed to filter some things. I decided on making individual tables for the months with only their client's name and their status for the pie chart and use an inner join when trying to have further details of the clients upon clicking the piechart. now I just have to find a way for the data to replicate each month and not interfere is added or deleted for the following or past months. I just needed a simple title for me to search on google to further my research to learn that is all I was asking for. No doubt you said you weren't being mean and was not giving attitude, but you weren't patient either. Way to give me more hopes to be a programmer. Just being shut down and accused of milking people of their work just because I only having basic or little knowledge for code? I didn't even ask, I just needed a guide, you could've just redirected me to a link that had something I was looking for, for me to learn.

Now I'm Done!
You need to make your table dynamic, by creating it in the server code (the PHP part). Something like:
1. Extract the records from your database.
2. Generate the table tag (<table>) and header (<th>) items.
3. For each record of data:
3.1. Generate a <tr> tag for the next row.
3.2. For each column in the row:
3.2.1. Generate a <td>data item</td> entry.
3.3. Generate a </tr> tag for the end of the row.
4. Generate the end of table tag (</table>).
Allysha April 24-Mar-21 9:29am
Already did that, now just on the data and how could it respond to month changes? I have a slider with all the 12 months, if I choose March, the table should have all the same data, only different status on item delivery. Lets say a client suscribes for only 8 months that means his data will only be shown up to august in the table starting from january, is that possible?
Richard MacCutchan 24-Mar-21 9:50am
Yes it is all possible. But I have no idea how your program works so I can only offer general suggestions. You capture request information on the web page and post that to the server. The server then uses that information to extract data from the database and format it into a new webpage, which is then passed back to the browser for display.

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