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Convert project winform to webform aspx

What I have tried:

Everyone, maybe on many occasions you have come across someone who has many winforms applications developed in visual studio. Well, in my case, I have a fairly complete system made in a winforms environment and I need to transfer it to the web since a client changed his entire team to use mac. Someone has a recommendation because I would not like to have to start from scratch to reprogram everything. I also did not bother the customer by asking him to install virtual machines.

In advance, thanks for any suggestions
Updated 24-Mar-21 5:10am

Sorry, but you will have to start from scratch. There is no simple way to convert Windows Forms to Web Forms. The two architectures and frameworks are very different.
Maciej Los 24-Mar-21 11:21am
Short And To The Point!
Richard MacCutchan 24-Mar-21 11:44am
Thanks, I couldn't think of a longer explanation.
Maciej Los 24-Mar-21 16:20pm
Richard is right.

Converting a Windows Forms Desktop application to a web application is not possible.
But there might be a workaround.

You can host your Windows Forms applications by using the so-called Remote Desktop Services on a Windows Server. Welcome to Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016 | Microsoft Docs[^]
There is also a macOS client available!

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