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I have a (non MVVM) wpf system that displays various Db's (BankAccount, Customers etc) in separate viewer windows that use a Datagrid to access the data.

My problem is that some of these tables contain data that needs to be updated in more than one of the backing SQL tables. I know it shouldn't technically, but there are good reasons for this in this particular app.

For example, 2 of the tables contain a reference to the same Bank Account #, (which are used as keys), but there are cases where the user can want/need to change these particular values.

I am using ObervableCollections for the data read in from the tables, and these handle the updating in real time for the relevant "Main" table just fine, but I also need to update the same field in the other table.

Both tables are already loaded into their respective ObservableCollections. So I need a methodology to make the OnProertyChanged method update the secondary collection as well ?

I have tried various methods suggested across the Web, but cannot find a way to get this to occur automatically.

Can anyone help me out.

What I have tried:

My DataGrid columns are declared as shown here :

DataGridTextColumn Header="Bank #" Width="80"
Binding ="{Binding BankNo,
Gerry Schmitz 25-Mar-21 13:36pm    
What happens in an ObservableCollection and what happens in the "datbase layer" are 2 different things. I get the impression you don't really know how the DB gets updated; "main" table or otherwise.
Member 15074234 26-Mar-21 4:07am     CRLF
I admit I am new to this, coming from a background of 20 years writing (raw) "C" as per K&R :-)) So C# is newish to me, but I have written a couple of apps in C# that work just fine, but in WPF, I am hitting real problems as this shows. That is why I am asking for help with "managing" Observable collections ??

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