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Hi, I have listbox and items are present in the list box and i want to convert those items to list of array of string like

var headrow = new List<string[]>
new string[] { "a" ,"b", "c" }

Please help me out and below is what is have tried and its not working

Selectedlistbox contains list items such as zebra, water, pumpkin.. When i try this the values are coming , but in the excel its is saving in one below the other rather than column header

What I have tried:

<pre>using (ExcelPackage excel = new ExcelPackage())
  var headerRow = SelectedListbox.items.cast<String[])().Tolist();
  // Determine the header range (e.g. A1:D1)
  string headerRange = "A1:" + Char.ConvertFromUtf32(headerRow[0].Length + 64) + "1";

  // Target a worksheet
  var worksheet = excel.Workbook.Worksheets["Worksheet1"];
  // Popular header row data
  FileInfo excelFile = new FileInfo(@"C:\Users\amir\Desktop\test.xlsx");
Gerry Schmitz 25-Mar-21 13:26pm
Did you bother to see if there's anything in "headerRow"? Do you know how? You think we can?

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