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I am looking at a legacy code and always see such coding style:

struct SHomog
		SHomog(T _x=0, T _y=0, T _w=1)
          x=_x; y=_y; w=_w;
        };	<=== this semicolon causes any issue?

		T x;
		T y;
		T w;

in my understanding, this semicolon following } sign will not cause any issue, but this full code page is put into a header file and filled with such extra semicolons and I suspect it is causing issue.

any advice and experience to share?

What I have tried:

one error message is as below:
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error C2334 unexpected token(s) preceding '{'; skipping apparent function body
Updated 25-Mar-21 8:46am

1 solution

That semicolon is redundant but shouldn't cause a problem. If I add
typedef int T;
and remove your question from the code, it compiles without any warnings at all under VS2017.

The convention is usually to use an underscore in a class member, not a parameter, but I don't see anything wrong with the code.
Southmountain 25-Mar-21 15:15pm
sorry I skipped few statements as this:
template <class T>
class TLineApproximator  
	//! \name Structures and typedefs
	//! 2D homogenous point
	struct SHomog
		SHomog(T _x=0, T _y=0, T _w=1)	{ x=_x; y=_y; w=_w;};	
			T x;
			T y;
			T w;
//skip few lines
Greg Utas 25-Mar-21 15:26pm
I can't see how it would matter if it's located in a template, although the template needs a closing };
Southmountain 29-Mar-21 12:20pm
thank you for your input:) I think I find the reason: the code used template style before 2003, now it has conformance issue...

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