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I have three tables:
employees (emp_ID, emp_Name, emp_Dpet, emp_Job) [emp_Dept and emp_Job are foreign Keys. and emp_Job here contain Manager and other jobs like eng...]
departments (dept_ID, dept_Name)
and Jobs (job_ID, job_Name)
what is the query to select Manager of department for employee like:
employee [mark], so he is from deptartment [Sales] and his manager is [Jhon].

What I have tried:

I tried the query:
SELECT emp_Name, dept_Name, emp_Job
FROM employees, departments, Jobs
WHERE e.emp_Dept = d.dept_ID
AND job_Name = 'Manager'
But it select all managers
Updated 25-Mar-21 23:56pm

You need to learn about using JOIN statements - particularly INNER JOIN.

You can do that here[^].

You will need to determine how an employee is connected to their title and whatever else in whatever other tables you wish to use. It's much like a WHERE but it is instructing how two table compare on some shared value.
User_Michel 25-Mar-21 15:22pm
Thank you for your solution. i will learn it because i am beginner in SQL, but in this case what is the query, emp and mgr in one table?
Maciej Los 29-Mar-21 5:39am
Try something like this:
WITH cteEmployees As
        employees As E
        INNER JOIN emp_Job As J
        ON J.job_ID = E.emp_Job
    cteEmployees As E
    INNER JOIN departments As D
    ON D.dept_ID = E.emp_Dept
    LEFT JOIN cteEmployees As M
    ON M.emp_Dept = D.dept_ID
    And M.job_Name = 'Manager'
    E.job_Name != 'Manager'

But that's not really a good design. You could have multiple managers linked to the same department, which would end up duplicating the employees.

Ideally, you would either have a foreign key from the department table to the employee table to identify the manager, or a foreign key from the employee table back to the employee table if you want to be able to specify a different manager for each employee.
User_Michel 26-Mar-21 9:07am
Really Thank you for your solution, it helped me except changing [INNER JOIN emp_job] to [INNER JOIN jobs].
The design in this project like this, because it must be one manager for each department. but your opinion is right in case if manager changed, so i will try to do your first advice. thanks alot again.
Maciej Los 29-Mar-21 5:39am

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