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I'm using jupyter notebook and I wrote

from geoband.API import *
import pandas as pd

but there's a error message like this.
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'geoband'
No module named ''

I want to know to solve this problem.

What I have tried:

I don't know what to do with the 1st question and I wrote like this to solve the 2nd problem on the command.

pip install pandas

but it doesn't work.
Richard MacCutchan 26-Mar-21 11:25am
Well it is impossible for us to guess what "it doesn't work" is supposed to mean. You need to provide proper details of the problem if you want help.

Have you followed the instructions at pandas - Python Data Analysis Library[^] ?
anonymous thisis 26-Mar-21 11:31am
"It doesn't work" means that there is no any change. Still there's a error message that ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'geoband'. How can I solve this problem? I've looked at several materials but I still don't know what to do.
Richard MacCutchan 26-Mar-21 11:47am
ModuleNotFoundError means that the Python interpreter cannot find the module you are trying to import. So either you have not installed it or it has been installed in a folder that Python does not know about.

You should go to the website of the product you are trying to use and check the installation instructions.
anonymous thisis 27-Mar-21 4:56am
I think it was a problem on computer. Thank you. I figure it out

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