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write a program that uses function called case to determine whether the input character y the user is in upper or lower case using ascii values in C programming language.

What I have tried:

please help me find a solution for this code illustrating it and thank you.
Updated 29-Mar-21 20:08pm

please help me find a solution for this code illustrating it

No, this is your homework, ypu have to furnish some effort.
You can't come up with nothing, getting user input is C 101.

As programmer, doing search by yourself is part of the job.
Function which uses ascii values

Search ASCII and find what values are uppercase letters and what are lowercase letters.
hossamhathout 30-Mar-21 18:03pm
Thank you but the problem is that I'm still a beginner in C and my mind can't find the thread to the solution of the problem itself.
Patrice T 30-Mar-21 18:30pm
The problem is that you didn't stated a specific problem.
Even as a beginner, you can't come up with nothing.
The program will probably have some parts that you already done.
Hint 1: have a look at an ASCII table.

Hint 2: (for those who finds Hint 1 inadequate): ASCII values in the [0x41-0x5A] range represent UPPERCASE letters, values in the [0x61..0x7A] range represent lowercase letters, while all other values does NOT represent letters.

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