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While i am exporting a C++ code in C# using vector and list and i am getting the below error. In C++ i have used vectors and in C# i have used list to map it properly but somehow its not working.

"Error: additional information: cannot marshal 'return value': generic types cannot be marshaled."

What I have tried:

C++ code
extern __declspec(dllexport) std::vector<db> __cdecl Function()
   std::vector<db> result;
return result;

C# code:

public class Test
        public static extern List <data> Function();


void importData()
List<data> returnValue = Test.Function();
Updated 31-Mar-21 1:30am

1 solution

Correct: Generics can't be marshalled, and a C# Generic is not the same beast as a C++ Template.

See here: Cannot marshal 'return value': Generic types cannot be marshaled.[^] - it shows a way that may help.
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