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Read binary file, encode it as base64 data and put this in json.
Display base64 in console.log (data.src) of readBinary function.
However, there is no src member in the resData JSON after calling the function.
How can I solve this?

What I have tried:'/server', function(req, res){
    var resData = {}; 

    /*return to resData JSON {num: 1, planet: 12, math: 234, int: 102}*/
    resData = prevInstance[num].getFile(num++);

    readBinary(resData, num);

    /*here no member src*/   

function readBinary(data, file_id){
    var fs = require('fs');            
    var bkgndBuffer = new Buffer.alloc(data.size, 'base64');  'projectfile.file', 'r', function(err, fd){, bkgndBuffer, 0, size, position, function(){   
            /*adding 'src' member*/               
            /* it's working. showing base64 data */
        fs.close(fd, function(){
            console.log("exit file read.");
Richard MacCutchan 1-Apr-21 3:30am
You need to return the string from your readBinary function.
Chopin2001 1-Apr-21 5:12am
This function return base64 value. this is wrong?
Could you show me example?
Richard MacCutchan 1-Apr-21 5:51am
Sorry, I do not understand. I thought you wanted it to create a base64 string.
Chopin2001 2-Apr-21 4:47am
OK. thanks.

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