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I am trying to create a bridge table (StaffRota) between the BookedDates and Staff table by making DateBooked a foreign key in the StaffRota table, but I am getting the error:
SQL71516 :: The referenced table '[dbo].[BookedDates]' contains no primary or candidate keys that match the referencing column list in the foreign key. If the referenced column is a computed column, it should be persisted.

Here are my tables:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[StaffRota] (
    [DateBooked]    DATE       NOT NULL,
    [StaffID]       INT        NOT NULL,
    [Working]       NCHAR (10) NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ([DateBooked], [StaffID]),
    CONSTRAINT [FK_Staff_To_StaffRota] FOREIGN KEY ([StaffID]) REFERENCES [dbo].[Staff] ([StaffID]),
	CONSTRAINT [FK_Staff_To_BookedDates] FOREIGN KEY ([DateBooked]) REFERENCES [dbo].[BookedDates] ([DateBooked])

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Staff] (
    [StaffID]   INT        IDENTITY (0, 1) NOT NULL,
    [Name]      NCHAR (20) NULL,
    [ShiftType] NCHAR(20)  NULL, 

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[BookedDates] (
    [BookingRef]     INT         NOT NULL,
    [DateBooked]     DATE        NOT NULL,
    [CollectionTime] NCHAR (10)  NULL,
    [DropOffTime]    NCHAR (10)  NULL,
    [Late]           NCHAR (10)  NULL,
    [KennelNo]       INT         NULL,
    [Walked]         NCHAR (10)  NULL,
    [Fed]            NCHAR (10)  NULL,
    [Note]           NCHAR (100) NULL,
    [Trial]          NCHAR (10)  NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ([BookingRef] ASC, [DateBooked] ASC),
    CONSTRAINT [FK_BookedDates_To_Booking] FOREIGN KEY ([BookingRef]) REFERENCES [dbo].[Booking] ([BookingRef])

What I have tried:

Have tried deleting the table and tried to create the FK again but no success.
Updated 1-Apr-21 8:56am

1 solution

Try creating your tables in a different order: Staff first, then StaffRota, then BookedDates

That way, when you try to create a Foreign Key, the target table and column should already exist.
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