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I try to compile a legacy project from here on this website. it is in old style of C++ template before 2003.

it is a straight definition, but I got many errors and the first error is:
Error	C2238	unexpected token(s) preceding ';'

the template class definition is below:

template<typename T, typename TListX, typename TListY, typename TPointContainer>
class TKeyDoubleContainer
	typedef TPointContainer::const_iterator value_type;//<=== error happens on this line
	typedef TListX container_x;
	typedef TListY container_y;

	TKeyDoubleContainer( container_x* pListX = NULL, container_y* pListY = NULL):m_pListX(pListX), m_pListY(pListY){};

//skips many lines here

What I have tried:

I suspect the problem is in the parameter :typename TPointContainer.
just as a typename, it assumes it has const_iterator type.

it is an old style declartion before 2003, but I can not figure it out quickly how to refactor this piece...

Thanks a million!
Updated 7-Apr-21 7:41am

g++ tells
error: need ‘typename’ before ‘T::abc’ because ‘T’ is a dependent scope
  typedef T::abc local_type;

You might want to turn the time back and compile with the matching C++ standard setting on your compiler. E.g. for g++, there is a command line argument -std=... where you can indicate the C++ standard to take for compiling your sources.
Southmountain 2-Apr-21 19:09pm
your g++ message helps me to figure it out what's going on....
this link answered this question.

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