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I'm starting to learn C# in .NET Core 5, I know something about C# in the .NET Framework... But one of the different things I'm seeing in .NET Core is that in place of the MessageBox there is now the TaskDialog. 
Well, I created a message using the TaskDialog (which can be seen on this link: ), except for the textBox which I drew in Paint for the purpose of better illustrating my question.
My question is: how do I insert a textBox and how do I get the value typed by the user in that textBox to be used after that window is closed?

What I have tried:

I have searched and read many examples of TaskDialog available on the Web, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, or I'm not quite sure how to apply it to my code below:

var page = new TaskDialogPage()
                Heading = "Input time in minutes:",
                Text = "Input time in minutes:",
                Icon = TaskDialogIcon.ShieldWarningYellowBar,
                Buttons =

            var executeButton = new TaskDialogCommandLinkButton("&Execute");

            executeButton.ShowShieldIcon = true;
Updated 12-Apr-21 7:20am
Richard MacCutchan 5-Apr-21 9:44am
The TaskDialog does not include a TextBox, it is similar to a Messagebox in that it is used only to display information. If you want input fields as well then you need to create a dialog form.

1 solution

Hello Lazie,
I believe that you may want to use System.Windows ShowDialog instead of Windows Controls TaskDialog from the Win32 API. For C# .Net Core 5 the ShowDialog is normally used.

I suppose the System.Windows.Window.ShowDialog will run anywhere that the .Net Core 5 runs. Have you already arrived at this conclusion?

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