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Hello guys, I lost sleep and my head with a problem sending the invoice to the sogei ws. I am NOT a top so in case of an answer please be simple. Let's talk about (vb) a simple project that generates an invoice should send it to the TS system. I pulled in the wsdl file via "add service reference" (I had to enter the direct path is what worries me in production). I see that VS 2019 has created all the classes. Well, at this point I pass to the code below, arrived at "Dim ccc = ws.Insert (insDoc)" the certificate error is generated (which I would like to skip). I saw that in the web.config the related endpoint has been inserted in applicationSettings. Sogei is not very clear at least for me, I am not a top and the ws are difficult for me so I turn to the upper floors in the hope you can give me help, working code, tips etc ...
thanks thanks thanks

my code:

What I have tried:

Dim DocSpesaGen As DocumentoSpesa730pPort = New DocumentoSpesa730pPort
Dim insDoc As inserimentoDocumentoSpesaRequest = New inserimentoDocumentoSpesaRequest
Dim docSpesa As documentoSpesa = New documentoSpesa

Dim ws As DocumentoSpesa730pPort = New DocumentoSpesa730pPort
ws.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("Authorization", "Basic " & Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(userTS & ":" + passwdTS)))
ws.PreAuthenticate = True
Dim a = ws.Url
insDoc.pincode = txtPinCode.Text
Dim ccc = ws.Inserimento(insDoc)
Updated 5-Apr-21 10:16am

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