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I'm actually working on a capstone project. An online store with an admin side on a windows form. What I am planning to do is to develop an online store, where its sales and inventory and customer profile management is managed by a windows form.

What I have tried:

Im currently formulating the project.
Updated 11-Apr-21 21:47pm

Sure. Database engines are completely client agnostic. They don't care about where or what type of client the queries are coming from.
Richmon Russel Gaspar 12-Apr-21 3:31am
what if I have a web host mysql database?
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Apr-21 9:54am
It does not matter. Though, if you're going to expose a database to the internet, you would be better served putting a REST API in front of the database so only the API can work directly with the database and your website and Forms app has to work with the API to manipulate the database.
It's certainly possible to do this. If you are using Azure (as an example), you could hook up to the cloud database like this Accessing SQL Azure from WinForms | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure[^].
Richmon Russel Gaspar 12-Apr-21 3:30am
what if I have a web host mysql database?
Pete O'Hanlon 12-Apr-21 4:21am
You can do that as well. I'd be tempted to host a RESTful API on the server and interact with the database that way, if I were writing this.

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