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I am working with json data. I need write data to div content but after each request i have to clear content of "Secim" div. When i clean the "Secim" div content then "Secim" div never show again.

$.getJSON("Content/Chart/iron/alldata.json", function (data) {
    $("#Secim").html('');  //<-------- Here or
    $("#Secim").remove();  //<-------- Here or
    $("#Secim").empty();   //<-------- Here or
    $("#Secim").detach();  //<-------- Here and

    var items = [];
    $.each(data, function (key, val) {
        var Tarih = new Date(;
        if (Tarih < date1 && Tarih > date2) {
            items.push("<div id='" + key + "' class='list-group-item list-group-item-action'>" + + "                 " + val.value + "</div>");

    $("<div/>", {
        "class": "container list-group",
        html: items.join("")
    }).appendTo("#Secim");  //<-------- Here don't work together.

What I have tried:

I used these methods
Updated 11-Apr-21 23:47pm

Of course the div never worked again. You removed it from the DOM!

How about you try setting the innerHTML property of the div element to an empty string?
$("#Secim").innerHTML = "";
gacar 12-Apr-21 3:59am
Thank you for solution but now adding new table to old near now. Didn't remove old content.

I found solution with Richard Deeming's answer here,

$.getJSON("Content/Chart/insaat_demiri/karabukInceTum.json", function (data) {
            document.getElementById("Secim").innerHTML = "";
            var startDate = new Date(Tarih1);
            var endDate = new Date(Tarih2);

            var filteredData = $.grep(data, function (a) {
                var aDate = new Date(;
                return aDate >= startDate && aDate <= endDate;

            var div = $("<div/>", { "class": "container list-group" });

            $.each(filteredData, function (key, val) {
                var item = $("<div/>", {
                    id: key,
                    "class": "list-group-item list-group-item-action"



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