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I have a web application ,which uses postgresql as a database , for which I have created an installer on nsis installer so that client don't have to worry about the dependencies and he can install the application with just simple wizard.

The problem is that the postgresql is having issues on some machines ,some time it gets installed and on some machines its installation fails , so in short I am facing the issue "It works on my machine".

1-whats the best solution for me?
2-is there any way docker can help me in this situation?

What I have tried:

The postgresql is having so much issues in windows machiens and I want a smooth installation for user.
Updated 12-Apr-21 9:57am

1 solution

That's strange as PostgreSQL is easy to install on Windows, maybe the problem is in your NSIS installer, try to install with the standard PostgreSQL installer from EDB: PostgreSQL[^]
There is also a portable version of PostgreSQL which does not need to be installed:
postgresql-portable · GitHub[^]

A possible cause of failure can be missing Visual C redistributables, check the Windows event log for errors, see: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads[^]

PostgreSQL Portable offers the same functionality as the normal PostgreSQL version and does not require a local "postgres" user account or administrator privileges, works for any user.

You might also be interested in LiteDB if you want to avoid installation issues, see:
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Member 9129971 12-Apr-21 15:29pm    
yeah i know its easy to install , but it has lot of issues during installation , there is no issue related to nsis as I have tried installing the standalone official installer from postgres website , but that also fails to install. After I failed to install the official installer I used their binary zip files , but it works on some machine and gives the error during initdb.exe intialization on some machines.
Member 9129971 12-Apr-21 15:30pm    
can you pls explain whats the diff between the portable one and the official full functionality pgsql installer?I want to give it a try if it serves my purpose
Member 9129971 13-Apr-21 9:58am    
I have checked the permisison issue , the visual c redist and other solutions provided online for the issue but no luck.
If postgresql portable offers same functionality , i will give it a try and will get back. I can't use liteDb since I rejected sqlite because it didn't offered network level connections , so i will look into litedb what it has to offer.
Member 9129971 13-Apr-21 10:00am    
just saw litedb locks multiple application writes so cannot use that . Looking to try portable postgresql
Member 9129971 13-Apr-21 10:00am    
btw thanks for your time.

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