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I am a student of the Multiplatform Software Development career and I am learning to program in c # and my problem here is that everything was normal in my sharpdevelop project but when I wanted to start my program to test it, it turned out that my MainForm did not appear.

It does not appear at all even if I wait a long time and since it is a very important project I need to finish it but I cannot because the MainForm does not come out.

Could anyone help me please?

What I have tried:

I already tried to delete the form by copying the things I had and pasting it in another form and nothing does not appear.
Updated 12-Apr-21 20:19pm

We can't help you fix that: we have no access to your code at all. Remember that we can't see your screen, access your HDD, or read your mind - we only get exactly what you type to work with.

And without that, we have no idea what you did, how you did it, or any way to test it.

Though I would say that using SharpDevelop may be a mistake - it's been discontinued for 5 years now, so if you are trying to use any "modern" C# facilities, that may introduce factors which could be contributing to your problem.

Visual Studio is free - or at least the fully functional Community Edition is - and I'd suggest that transferring to that might help you find and fix the problem. Relying on an outdated IDE for new development (particularly for a learner) may not be the best decision.
SharpDevelop produces and executable, that should run fine on your test environment. If that doesn't happen, you could try to write a very minimal application (e.g. a program showing just the main form) and run it, in order to make a sanity check.
If this basic test is successfully performed, then you may investigate further on your program (e.g. produce some log info at startup, use a debugger, etc...).
I would not recommend using SharpDevelop as it has been discontinued since 2017, see: ides~sharpdevelop[^]
You can use the Visual Studio Community Edition for free, or Visual Studio Code:

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