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Write a C# program which use a method based approach to the code

What I have tried:

var lottery = new Lottery<string>();
lottery.Add("Mr. A", 1);
lottery.Add("Ms. B", 2);
lottery.Add("Ms. C", 3);
var winner = lottery.Draw(true);
Updated 13-Apr-21 3:24am
SeanChupas 13-Apr-21 9:10am
What is your question?
OriginalGriff 13-Apr-21 9:43am
"How do I get someone else to do my homework?"
SeanChupas 13-Apr-21 10:10am
Be a sports jock? Or a hot girl?
OriginalGriff 13-Apr-21 10:29am
This is the internet: "Where men are men, hot women are men, and 12 year old girls are FBI agents". :laugh:

1 solution

Sorry, but no one here is going to write the code for you*. Please read How to Write Code to Solve a Problem, A Beginner's Guide[^].

*No matter how many times you repost it.
CPallini 13-Apr-21 9:16am
Richard MacCutchan 13-Apr-21 9:23am
Thanks. I assume it was not you who gave 5 to the question.
CPallini 13-Apr-21 10:06am
You assume correctly.
As matter of fact, I never vote questions.
Maciej Los 13-Apr-21 15:03pm

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