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Hi all,
I'have a pdf document saved in my c:\\ drive, I want to read the content of that pdf using Javascript, but I have not found any idea how to read a PDF file.

Please any direction is greatly appreciated.

What I have tried:

I have tried the following code, but the words are ineligible.

This is what shows up up in my console.


3 0 obj
<</Length 1438/Filter/FlateDecode>>stream

var filePath="C:/Users/johndoe/Desktop/sample_doc.pdf";
Updated 2-Sep-21 23:01pm

GitHub - mozilla/pdf.js: PDF Reader in JavaScript[^]

NB: If your code is running in a browser, you will not be able to read files from your local drive.
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ekonapikin1990 16-Apr-21 7:01am    
Sir thank you, but I am able to read the file with my code, but is not just readable, do you know why?
Richard Deeming 16-Apr-21 7:08am     CRLF
So you can read the file, but you can't read the file. Which is it? We can't help you if you don't explain the problem.
ekonapikin1990 16-Apr-21 7:13am    
I can read the file successfully, but the texts is not readable, if do thesame for text file my code reads everything as is,but for pdf file I get bunch of weird texts and not the same LIKE WHEN i READ A TEXT FILE.
Richard Deeming 16-Apr-21 7:15am     CRLF
That would be because a PDF file is NOT a text file. You cannot read it as a text file and expect to get any meaningful results from it. Use the library I linked to, and you should be able to extract the text from a PDF file - so long as it actually is text, and isn't part of an image.
ekonapikin1990 16-Apr-21 7:17am    
OK Sir,thank you
Hello, my need is to read only locally stored pdf. Where can I find a javascript library to accomplish this ?
Many thanks
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mareos 3-Sep-21 4:55am
Richard Deeming 3-Sep-21 5:04am    
Your question is not a "solution" to someone else's question.
Member 15345637 3-Sep-21 10:00am    
Sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand.
Richard Deeming 3-Sep-21 10:03am     CRLF
What precisely do you not understand? You have posted a QUESTION in the "Add your SOLUTION here" box, claiming that it is a SOLUTION to this question. Your QUESTION is not a SOLUTION to someone else's question.
Member 15345637 3-Sep-21 10:59am    
I see, sorry for that

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