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hello community
i am working on the software in which software should read weight automatically from serial port
can you please give me guide to this issue
code or any tutorial

What I have tried:

Read data form serial port on windows with php - Stack Overflow[^]
Updated 16-Apr-21 22:35pm
Gerry Schmitz 16-Apr-21 14:07pm
You want a "better" one than the one on SO?
Faheem Raja 17-Apr-21 2:41am
i want any tutorial to resolve this issue

Start with the weighing machine manufacturers site: that will tell you the format of teh data, and how to access / process it - which you need before you can even think about writing any software ...
Faheem Raja 17-Apr-21 2:44am
thanks for responding me
i tried this but i do not get any useful information of this issue
OriginalGriff 17-Apr-21 3:32am
Seriously, you need to know - so go back there, and ask their tech support: you need to know exactly what it sends and how that translates into numbers your code can use.

Without that, nobody can help you - you may as well guess!
Weight scale read from serial port using PHP

You need to know that in the matter of serial communication, every brand have its own way to do it, and sometimes details vary with each model.
First, you need to get technical data about your scale, the manufacturer is best place to go, tech support.

Once I did an application for large company on 7 sites, I did 6 different routines to communicate with those scales.
Beyond the basic settings of serial comm, everything was specific on each routines.

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