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hello guys
I have a problem in a new project using C# and ,
Case is : there's a search page has search button and a list view which has another button with some fields , the search button working fine as long as I didn't click on the ListView's button which open a new tab with another page , after clicking on ListView's button and it's working fine but when I try to click on search button again ; search page redirected automatically to the last page opened by list view button .
Here's my code for the list view button and Search button

<asp:button class=" btn btn-danger center-block searchFont" style=" margin-top:25px;" id="Button2" runat="server" text="Personal Page" postbackurl="<%# String.Format("~/Details/ProDetails.aspx?proID={0}", Eval("PID")) %>"
onclientclick="window.document.forms[0].target='_blank'; setTimeout(function(){window.document.forms[0].target='';}, 500);">
Search button .................................

<asp:button id="SrcBtn" runat="server" text="Search"
class=" btn btn-danger btn-block searchFont " style=" font-size:15px" onclick="SrcBtn_Click">

any ideas please?

What I have tried:

I tried to change the action of the form by java script code in list view button but it wasn't successful ,the code was window.document.forms[0].action =" i tried to put # or the search page name "

I hope someone help me
Updated 17-Apr-21 8:41am

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