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I have two different files, fileA contains employee data (ID and townCode) while file B contains field office data (OfficeID, Town, TownCode, officeCapacity) and a town can contain more than one office. i want to distribute these employees to the offices in the town against their names evenly

What I have tried:

I read the 2 files simulteanously and created another file to hold the last office it was distributed to. My challenge is that the distribution is not even and it picks only 2 offices for the distribution
For Each line In File.ReadLines(src1)
           Dim STRDATA() As String = line.Split({","c})
           employeeID = STRDATA(0)
           EmpTownCode = STRDATA(1)

           For Each lines In File.ReadLines(src2)
               Dim STRDATA2() As String = lines.Split({","c})

               OfficeID = STRDATA2(0)
               StrTownName = STRDATA2(1)
               StrTownCode = STRDATA2(2)
               OfficeCapacity = STRDATA2(3)
               For Each last In File.ReadLines(src3)
                   lastCentre = last.Substring(0, 16)

               If StrRegTown = StrTownCode Then
                   If StrCentreRef = lastCentre.Last Then
                       Exit For
                   End If
                   FileOpen(intoutfilenum, outfilepath, OpenMode.Append)
                   WriteLine(intoutfilenum, EmployeeID, TownCode, OfficeID, OfficeCapacity)
                   FileOpen(intoutfilenum2, outfilepath2, OpenMode.Append)
                   WriteLine(intoutfilenum2, OfficeID)
                   Exit For
               End If
Updated 22-Apr-21 19:07pm

1 solution

I think reading the two data files and attempting to solve this problem at the same time is not such a nice approach.

I would

1) read each file into a data structure - possibly array or 'list'
2) sketch out a distribution algorithm on paper. You don't indicate relative 'numbers' of employees vs offices - but I'd assume that for every town -> office, you want at least 1 employee, distributing up to OfficeCapacity employees q) what happens if all town -> offices are allocated OfficeCapacity employees ? do you assign them to another (nearest) town ?
3) translate the sketch algorithm from 2 into code - depending on how complex your rules are, you may need to change the data structures used and/or add back-tracking
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ketura 23-Apr-21 0:43am    
Thank you @Garth for the swift response; I have also tried reading the office file into an array-list but I ran into problems trying to do the assignment.
If all town -> offices are allocated employees, you start another round of shift. An employee must not be outside her preferred town

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