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I have set my form up with a DateTimePicker with the format of #dd MMMM yyyy dddd tt#
When the date and time have been selected the data is stored in an xml file for example as

"22 April 2021 Thursday 10.01 PM"
However, when I try and retrieve the data to populate the DateTimePicker box I get this error

System.FormatException: 'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.'

If I truncate the data in the xml file to "22 April 2021" the code runs and "22 April 2021 Thursday 12.00 AM" is displayed in the DateTimePicker box.
I have included a subroutine
Public Sub SetMyCustomFormat()
        ' Set the Format type and the CustomFormat string.
        DatePicker.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom
        DatePicker.CustomFormat = "dd MMMM yyyy dddd tt"
    End Sub 'SetMyCustomFormat for dates

Line of code that causes the problem is
DatePicker.Text = node.SelectSingleNode("DatePicker", nsmgr).InnerText

It seems the format expected is "dd MMMM yyyy"

Anybody got any ideas?

What I have tried:

Searched the internet but no answers found.
Updated 22-Apr-21 22:00pm

1 solution

The main problem is that you are trying to set DateTimePicekr's Text property instead of Value.
Dim nodeText As String =  "22 April 2021 Thursday 10.01 PM" 'node.SelectSingleNode("DatePicker", nsmgr).InnerText
Dim myDate As DateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(nodeText, "dd MMMM yyyy dddd tt", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
DatePicker.Value = myDate

For further details, please read:
Set and Return Dates with DateTimePicker Control - Windows Forms .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs[^]
DateTimePicker.Value Property (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^]
DateTime.ParseExact Method (System) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Dave the Golfer 23-Apr-21 4:54am
Maciej Los Thanks for your solution. All is now working. Wrote the original program some 4 years ago. Have not used since then and even then I taught myself using the internet as a hobby since retiring.
Maciej Los 23-Apr-21 5:05am
You're very welcome.

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