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Hi all,

at an interview I was told
B-trees are not binary trees as they are intentionally wide structures containing many children elements that are linked to facilitate reversed order traversals

is the second part talking about linked elements true? AFAIA binary trees can be linked that way, but I could not so far find the same "linked" approach for B-trees.

help is appreciated.

What I have tried:

so far I tried searching on google & through Knuth's bool #3 & could only find linked binary trees. or maybe I misunderstood what what exactly was meant?
Updated 24-Apr-21 0:19am
Petr Osipov 24-Apr-21 7:54am
So far could only found mentions of links for B+ trees, see but I could not find any mention for exactly reversed traversals. Knuth says B+ trees at leaves level could be traversed in random order.
Gerry Schmitz 24-Apr-21 12:38pm
"Logically linked" perhaps; B-tree contain keys (pointers) and the structure is ordered.
Petr Osipov 25-Apr-21 5:05am
thank you for the reply. makes sense, that might be it indeed, but to me so far it seems more likely the guy did not know what he was talking about

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