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this code is for a program that prints the prime numbers between two specific us and characters must be printed , my does not print character ,

What I have tried:

#include <stdio.h>;

int main()
    int i, j, start, end;
    int isPrime;
    scanf("%d", &start);
    scanf("%d", &end);

    if(start < 2) 
        start = 2;
    for(i=start; i<=end; i++)
        isPrime = 1; 
        for(j=2; j<=i/2; j++)
                isPrime = 0;
        if(isPrime==1 )
            printf("%d,", i);

    return 0;
Updated 25-Apr-21 4:30am
Patrice T 25-Apr-21 8:38am     CRLF
In html, '<' have a special meaning and need to be encoded to avoid problems. Use Improve question to update your question.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Apr-21 8:49am     CRLF
When I run your code I get the following result:
What is the problem? Also, please edit your question to remove those spurious characters.

How to print a character , between output numbers

Can you give more details ?
Because actually, your code just print a comma between primes.
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Instead of always printing like this:
printf("%d,", i);
you need to be a little cleverer - ort you list will always end with a comma:
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17,

So ... set a variable before the loop to zero and check it in the loop:
if (isPrime)
   if (isNotFirst)
   printf("%d", i);
   isNotFirst = 1;
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