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I have sql server with two table
1. Account_chart
AccountID nvarcher(6)
Tax double

2. Finance_statement
Group nvarchar(10)
Formula nvarchar(50)
Taxes double

In the first table, i have data lake
201, 45
210, 52
345, 60
401000, 43

In the second table, i have
Immo, 20%+21%
Stock, 3%-39%
Fourn, 401%+44%

I want to evaluate formula.

What I have tried:

No idea, i don't know if i evaluate in or sqlserver.
Updated 25-Apr-21 21:01pm
Member 14561959 26-Apr-21 16:47pm
I explain more
Immo 20%+21% the result must be :45+52=97
Stock 3%-39% the result must be : 60

20% that mean the accountid who have 20 in the begin ( in my exemple only 201)

Excuse me for not explaining more.

1 solution

Don't even think of doing it in SQL server!
It's possible - Evaluate a string Expression – SQLServerCentral[^] - but to use the "expressions" as you have them would take a fair amount of work, and be very messy, given SQL's poor string handling.

I'd read it into your presentation language, and work it out there: it shouldn't be too complex to do if they are all just
once you work out what relation the values have to your table data!

Me? I'd not use a string at all, but change the table definition.
If your expressions are always X% + Y% or X% - Y% then I'd have three columns:
XPercent   double
Sign       double
YPercent   double
Where sign is either 1.0 or -1.0, and the percentages are already divided by 100: .20, .21; .03, .39; 4.01, .44 and so on.

Then the calculation becomes trivial in either SQL or a presentation language:
(X * XPercent) + (Sign * Y * YPercent)
And is a lot easier to manage at a later date when a Y percentage needs to change.
Member 14561959 26-Apr-21 8:39am
Thank you for your reply, but % does mean "select * from accountid where accountid like '20%'"

Calculate alli accountid begin with 20.

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