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sir,i have doing application Banking system in core java .thats records stored in text file so already i assign id no 101 for one record ..if we insert another records in txt file ..that assign automatically 102 in Prefix then what should i do ..please suggest.

What I have tried:

fWrite = new FileWriter("C:\\Users\\hp\\Desktop\\BankReport\\master.txt",true);// file is created if not existing
																					// or overwritten if existing
			bRead = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;// read the data from console
			pS = new PrintStream(System.out);// use like Sysout

			pS.println("Welcom to SignUp....");

			pS.println("Enter Customer Name");
			String custName = bRead.readLine();

			pS.println("Mobile Number");
			String custMobNo = bRead.readLine();

			pS.println("Enter Deposit Amount");
			String custDepoAmt = bRead.readLine();

			pS.println("Your SignUp is Successfully ....");

			// write data into the text file



Updated 28-Apr-21 10:15am

1 solution

You need a way to store, retrieve and update the last # ... maybe another "text file"; an "ini" file perhaps.

(To the troll: yes, he could use a "database")

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