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This is my function declaration in the header file but how would I call them in main.cpp. I called my add function like this
list.add(artist, sName, size, likes);
but I don't understand how to do the other ones.
bool add (char *&, char *&, double &, int &);
bool addRec (node * curr, node * data);
bool editLikes (char *&, char *&, int &);
const bool showAll ();
const bool showArtist (node * curr, const char *);
bool removeByLikes (int &);
bool deleteRec (node *);
const bool printRec (node *);

What I have tried:

I've done a bit of googling but that is about it.
Updated 28-Apr-21 11:18am
CPallini 29-Apr-21 1:59am
The function signatures are not pretty at all. Maybe you need to revise your approach to the problem.

1 solution

So, you know how to call this function:
bool add (char *&, char *&, double &, int &);
It's just:
list.add(artist, sName, size, likes);

So it's likely that the others follow the same pattern:

Now, we can't see the functions, we have no idea what the parameters do, or what classes / instances they relate to. So the best we can do to help is to suggest the first one, and let you workout the details:
if (!addRec (&curr, %&data))
   ... report a problem ...

But what I don't understand is how you could write all these functions without having any idea how to call them ... that's pretty basic stuff!

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