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Is there a way to specify the folder and the file separately? Instead of specifying the complete path (C:\Path\app_path.txt\) I want to specify them separately (C:\Path\ + "app_path.txt").

C:\Path_app_path.txt\ is the main folder, there are several files stored there that I would like to open individually later.

What I have tried:

        string text = File.ReadAllText("app_path.txt"); //Main Directory
        string config = File.ReadAllText(config + "/Settings.cfg"); //Main Directory + File I want to open
        TextView_Configs.Text = config;
    catch (Exception ex)

Updated 3-May-21 2:20am

1 solution

You can't do this:
string config = File.ReadAllText(config + "/Settings.cfg");
Since that line declares the variable config, you can't use it's value in the assignment as it doesn't have any value yet!

That won't even compile, and for good reason ...

Try this:
string path = @"C:\Path\";
string file = "app_path.Text";
string fullPath = Path.Combine(path, file);

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