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So, I have a web application that runs through a server and also connected to the MySQL database. I'm using C#,, and visual studio for this system. So, the users will need to access the system through the link, browse the system via IP address like ..

it's more like an intranet system. so, I want to convert this to an application or installer. For example, instead of going to the system address link, the user can just click on the application and the system will run as usual.

Anyone, please help me, do you guys have any opinions on how I can solve this? Thank you so much!

What I have tried:

I have look the solutions on the internet but failed, I'm afraid that because the system is using a server and mysql, its difficult or impossible to convert it to an application installer. 
Updated 3-May-21 21:32pm
Richard MacCutchan 4-May-21 3:19am    
If the user is to access it through a URL then why do you need to change it? It will still be accessed via a browser.
Member 14891060 4-May-21 3:27am    
Sorry, what I mean is that currently, the user will access the system via browser ( through that link ), but now I want to make the system an application, like a desktop application
Richard MacCutchan 4-May-21 3:40am    
Then you will need to redesign it completely. Desktop and Web application are quite different.

1 solution

The problem isn't that it uses a server and MySql, it;'s that a web application is very different in architecture and design to a desktop application.
A web app uses HTML, Javascript, and your browser to interact with the user, with a C# backend which deals with generating the HTML, responding to page requests, and accessing the DB.
A desktop app doesn't - it interacts with the user directly via Controls which are unrelated to any web based controls, and interacts directly with the DB.

Converting a web app to desktop might be possible, but frankly it's going to produce messy code that is going to be really difficult to maintain at best.
A better approach would be to use the web app as a specification for a completely new front end which you write from scratch. It can still use MySql though ...
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