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The owners of the Agora would like to have a program that computes the weekly gross pay of their employees. The user will enter an employee’s first name, last name, the hourly rate of pay, and the number of hours worked for the week. In addition, Agora supermarkets would like the program to compute the employee’s net pay and overtime pay. Overtime hours, any hours over 40, are paid at 1.5 the regular hourly rate. Net pay is gross pay minus taxes (Refer to the tax table given below)
Define a class called Employee. The class must have the attributes to store the employee’s name, hourly rate, and regular (<=40) and overtime hours worked. The class must also have methods to perform the following tasks:
• A constructor to initialize the hourly rate to the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour and the hours worked (regular and overtime) to 0.0.
• A method to get (a setter/mutator method)
 The employee’s name
 The hourly rate
 The hours work for the month (by the week – assume 4 weeks in a month)
Do not write separate setters for the regular and overtime hours.
• A method to return (a getter/accessor method)
 The employee’s name
 The hourly rate
 The total regular hours work for the month
 The total overtime hours for the month
• A method to return (a getter/accessor method)
 The monthly regular pay
• A method to return (a getter/accessor method)
 The monthly overtime pay
• A employee_info method to display the output which must include the following information:
 Employee’s name
 Total regular hours worked
 Total overtime hours worked
 Total hours worked
 Pay rate
 Monthly regular pay
 Monthly overtime pay
 Monthly gross pay
 Monthly taxes
 Monthly net pay

What I have tried:

#Employee Agora
cname = input("Enter Company Name: ")
efname = input("Enter Your First Name: ")
lname = input("Enter Your Last Name: ")
hours_worked = input("Enter Total Hours Worked: ")
monthly_pay = input("Enter Your Monthly Pay: ")

def weeklyPaid(hours_worked, wage):
    if hours_worked > 7.25:
        return 7.25 * wage + (hours_worked - 7.25) * wage * 1.5
        return hours_worked * wage

hours_worked =
wage = 7.25

pay = weeklyPaid(hours_worked, wage)

print(f"Total gross pay: Rs.{pay:.2f} ")
Updated 4-May-21 6:54am
CHill60 4-May-21 11:44am
And what is wrong with what you have tried? It does seem a little short for the amount of homework set though
Richard MacCutchan 4-May-21 12:02pm
"Define a class called Employee. The class must have the attributes ..."
You need to start at this point.

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