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I am trying to load multipage Tiff images on a picture box control on a form.
First I will load a tab control and then on that picture box control is loaded but I am not able to
load the picture.

What I have tried:

I tried as suggested some blogs. But enable to load the picture box Tiff image.
Richard MacCutchan 7-May-21 3:38am    
Without seeing any code no one can guess what the problem is.
CHill60 7-May-21 5:59am    
Here are some hints that will help you get an answer to your problem.
1. Use the Improve Question link to add detail to your post. If you can't see it then hover over your post and it will appear bottom right corner, same level as your user name.
2. Post the code that you are using to load the tab control, picture box and the stuff you have tried to load the Tiff
3. Explain what "not able to load the picture" means - for example, do you get an error message, does nothing happen at all, does the picturebox only contain part of the tiff - whatever it is that goes wrong, you need to tell us
Be prepared to be flamed for using VB6 and advised to start using VB.NET. It is very good advice as VB6 is no longer supported and has not been supported for decades. There are fewer and fewer people who are able to help on these forums. I will help if I can, but I will need a LOT more detail than that which you have provided here.

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