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I have a working Qt C++ code "search for bluetooth service".
Using Qt "callback" it generates "SIGNAL" and my processing function identifies
basic service - in a string , human readable , format.

I am testing several bluetooth devices and my code can correctly identify ones I call "boom boxes".

However, when I try to retrieve service data from two others , I get this error.

qt.bluetooth.bluez: No uuids found for "B8:27:EB:11:3F:82"

When all is working as expected , the Qt generates two callback SIGNALS,
"addService" and "finished".

Upon above failure only "finished" SIGNAL is generated.

My code select "first found" local bluetooth device ( connected to my PC).
I am not sure if I need specific local device , but they both give same results - only "boom boxes" service is correctly identified.

My question to this forum is -
how to further identify why is

I did post similar question months ago in Qt forum and received NO reply.
I am not allowed to post in SO.

What I have tried:

Use specific local bluetooth , not selected as default by code. Same result.
Richard MacCutchan 9-May-21 12:43pm    
"I am not allowed to post in SO."
Maybe because starting your post with a list of dos and donts does not encourage people to answer your questions.
Gerry Schmitz 9-May-21 15:03pm
Member 14968771 9-May-21 17:20pm    
?? The device scan for "service " is by address, is it not?
I am not supplying any other info on working device.

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