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I have a WindowsForms app using MS SQL database.
I am trying to update a row (I have a datagridview, but I am updating the row from a child form). So I was hoping to be able to reference my ID textbox in this child form, so that it'll update the row with the same ID in the database. But I am not sure how to write that UPDATE string.

This is my code:

public static string myString = "what do I write here?"

public void EditRow() {

using (SqlConnection sqlCon = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString.connectiongString))
using (SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand(); {

    sqlCmd.Connection = sqlCon;
    sqlCmd.CommandText = "myString";
    sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@myvalue1", textBox1.Text.ToString());
    sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@myvalue2", textBox2.Text.ToString());
    sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@myvalue3", textBox3.Text.ToString());

What I have tried:

I use the same code with a INSERT string for adding a new row, which works fine.
I've looked through documentation and tried implementing solutions from similar questions, but I can't seem to get it just right.
This is my current string, I'm just not sure what to add after the WHERE...

public static string redigerLøyvehaver = "UPDATE Løyvehaver2 SET Foretaksnavn = @Foretaksnavn, Foretaksnummer = @Foretaksnummer, Adresse = @Adresse, Postnummer = @Postnummer, Poststed = @Poststed, BIC = @BIC, IBAN = @IBAN WHERE ......";
Updated 10-May-21 2:48am
FranzBe 10-May-21 6:53am    
In case your ID sits in textbox1, you might want to name it so:
sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@licenseeID", textBoxLicenseeID.Text.ToString());

In the SQL Update command you would write
"UPDATE ... WHERE columnNameWithID = @licenseeID "

I would not recommend to have special chars in tablenames, you are likely to regret this at some point of time.
Flidrip 10-May-21 7:22am    
FranzBe, thank you so much, that worked like a charm.
I am a bit embarrassed, because I thought I had already tried that, but I must've done something wrong....

When you say special characters, you must mean the 'ø', which is a part of the norwegian alphabet :-D you might be right, it could be smart to "de-nationalize" the names.

Thanks alot!

1 solution

The basic form is:
UPDATE MyTable SET <column name> = <new value> WHERE <ID column name> = <ID Value>

So code like this changes a single row:
using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(strConnect))
    using (SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("UPDATE myTable SET myColumn1=@C1, myColumn2=@C2 WHERE Id=@ID", con))
        com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ID", id);
        com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@C1", myValueForColumn1);
        com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@C2", myValueForColumn2);
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