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A problem that has many causes and as many solutions if I judge the previous questions but none of which suits my situation.

I was working with Visual Basic 2013 on Win7 SP1 x64 (Yes, I know it's obsolete but it was a "legacy" of an older version...)
Everything was working well... even with Win10.

I installed win (always with the Basic) and the problem appeared... without me finding the solution.

In this dialog (which is part of the total program) part I have 2 Treeview.

The first one displays the structure of a directory allowing the choice of a subdirectory.
It works well and gives the list without problem.
It passes the hand to the 2nd TW which displays the list of directories and files under the chosen directory. Here, the problem appears absolutely randomly.

If I select the directory 'A' (for exemple) the list appears in the 2snd TW.
I stop the dialog (with close and dispose) and when I go back, sometimes, the select of 'A' give the error message (in English translated from French... sorry) :

Exception raised to 0x000007FEF6F8F8D6 (comctl32.dll) in Manager BD VB.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation when reading location 0x0000000000000030.

This error is already not obvious in his explanation... it is even less so because it is random and it arrives despite the stop and unloading of the dialog
The Call Stack (pile d'appels) shows that this is the call at TV_ScrollBelow in comctl32 which make the error.
Module conctl32 is
5.82 (win7sp1_gdr.150424-0604) 24/04/2015 20:15 

I am surprised to see that this is the module of 2015 whereas in the modules used by the program there is also a more recent
6.10 (win7sp1_ldr.190604-0600)
in the modules list.

Is that the cause of the problem? And how can I fix it?

I do not see any other reason after going through all the (numerous) topics concerning this kind of errors on the Web.

Help !
Thanks a lot for your answers

What I have tried:

A lot of things (according to the reviews found on the Web) but nothing that works
Updated 15-May-21 22:35pm

1 solution


Please read : "I Installed Visual Studio 2019 (always with the Basic)"


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